Hello there, my name is Margherita!

I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer currently living and working in Berlin.

I studied Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome, and Illustration at Officina B5, also in Rome.

I worked as a designer for creative agencies, film festivals and institutions, while also working as a freelance illustrator for print magazines (effe Periodico di Altre Narratività, Cadillac magazine, Colla, Costola, Nurant Illustration Magazine), web magazines (Narrative.ly, The Timbre, Radiotopia’s Love+Radio), publishing houses (Caravan edizioni, Europa Editions, Edizioni e/o), ONGs (Amnesty International, Fondazione Lelio Basso, Associazione culturale Eduraduno, F.A.I.) and private companies.

Whenever I get the chance I really enjoy participating in self-published anthologies (Lucha Libre, StudioPilar, Squame, LabA4’s Crisma, Tentacoli autoproduzioni) and art shows (Galleria Parione 9, Sacripante Art Gallery, Italianism, Saranno Illustri – Vicenza, MAIS Festival in Andria, Seiemezza – Il Sole 24 Business School).

For more information you can either download my CV or ask me directly – I promise I’m a very pleasant conversationalist and I really enjoy replying to emails.

Tell me everything at hello@fantasmarg.com